September 21, 2006
Eucalyptus Grove
Berkeley Hills, CA

on September 21, 2006 Frank Lyon and I organized a sunset potluck and concert up in a eucalyptus grove in the berkeley hills. this was the first time we planned a show in california, and we sent out a map and invitation to let people know about it. this small gathering was full of resonance and left me with a clear instinct to keep organzing place based performances. that night, our band Ship joined Snowblink, Birds of America (Nat Russell), and Mariee Sioux in a round of songs. We met Mariee when she opened up for the band BrightBlack Morning Light, and we were enchanted enough to ask her to join us. She brought along a fellow she was on tour with named Joseph Childress, who surprised us with his booming voice. He has since become a close friend.